Tekla Structures Training

► Overview of Tekla Structures
► The program interface and basic commands

► Creating a new model
► Inserting gridlines and creating views
► Modelling steel members
► Using system components
► Adding connections and bolt groups
► Modelling of basic foundations and their reinforcement
► Editing structural members and connections
► Introduction to profiles
► Cuts in steel members
► Modelling stairs, ladders and handrails
► Modelling curved members
► Modelling foors and decking
► Importing and modelling around an IFC file created by other design software
► Introduction on how to publish a model to Tekla BIMsight
► Creating basic custom components
► Creating models with reference to external drawings

Model Management
► Introduction to model management
► Phasing and lotting
► Numbering
► Model checking procedures
► Introduction to Model Organiser

Maintaining your system
► Introduction to basic system customisation
► Software installation and licensing
► Tekla Structures option settings
► Guidance on storing your customised settings in Firm folders
► Instruction on storing your customised settings in Firm folders

Drawing production
► Introduction to drawings
► Drawing settings
► Generating GA drawings
► Assembly and Part drawings
► Editing drawings
► Cloning drawings
► Sub-assemblies
► Generating fabrication drawings
► Drawing register

Additional output and reports
► Cold rolled CAM fles
► NC fles and reports
► Sectional reports
► Bolt and plate reports

► Best practices for contacting Support
► Trimble Identity account creation
► How to utilise Tekla User Assistance
► How to utilise Tekla Warehouse

This comprehensive fve day course will provide you with the basic knowledge and skills to get you started with Tekla Structures. As the course progresses, you will develop your Tekla Structures abilities with a key focus on steel models, working through a series of practical examples and exercises.

Our experts will teach you how to navigate and use the interface, model a variety of steel structures, generate drawings and reports, and how to set up and maintain your system, giving you the confidence and skills to be more productive and efficient on your return to the office.

Skill level

5 days

The Course will be held at; The Certification Hub, Portlaoise.

Course dates:

Course time:
9am – 5pm.

Computers, course literature, tea/coffee, lunch etc will be provided

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us directly on 057 8670629